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Demonstration Speech Ideas for an Effective Speech

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Published on: May 14, 2022

Last updated on: Jan 31, 2024

demonstration speech ideas

Are you on the hunt for captivating demonstration speech ideas that will leave your audience enthralled? 

Delivering an informative demonstration speech is an excellent opportunity to share practical knowledge and make a lasting impact. 

However, we understand that choosing the right topic can be a daunting task. That's where we come in! 

We are here to provide you with the inspiration and guidance you need. In this blog, you can pick from an extensive collection of 200 engaging ideas that will help you find the perfect topic for your speech. 

So, let’s get started!

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What is a Demonstration Speech?

A demonstration speech is a speech that aims to teach the audience or listeners about how to do a specific thing. It is one of the easiest speeches ever, and it uses very basic terminologies to make it easy for the reader to read and understand. It is much like a step-by-step guide that intends to teach the target audience. 

It is usually assigned to high school and college students as their speech writing assignment, and they find it interesting. In addition, it is an informative speech for the listeners as they get to know about the structure, logic, and method for using a particular item. 

Learn more about demonstration speech writing in this video:

Good Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • Homemade Pizza Mastery
  • DIY Natural Skincare
  • Perfect Cup of Coffee
  • Basic Self-Defense Techniques
  • DIY Home Repair Tips
  • The Art of Tie-Dye
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Creative Book Folding
  • Secrets of Chocolate Truffles
  • DIY Indoor Herb Garden

5-minute Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to enjoy the last sip of wine.
  • How to make Italian pasta.
  • How to clean the house quickly.
  • How to live the day like it’s the last one.
  • How to move on from a broken relationship.
  • How to knit a scarf.
  • How to live in the moment.
  • How to become a speed reader.
  • How to cope with massive consumerism.
  • Tips to stay economical and save money.

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Demonstration Speech Ideas Funny

Here are some funny demonstrative speech ideas:

  • How to remember to turn off the iron every time after use.
  • How to clean up the mess after a secret house party.
  • How to kill time in college.
  • How to master the art of lying with an innocent face.
  • How to bypass some rude friends.
  • How to take a power nap in a class.
  • How to get the best grade in homework while chilling at home.
  • How to avoid nail-biting in a critical and stressful situation. 
  • How to watch a horror movie while being alone at home.
  • How to pretend that you were actually surprised by a surprise birthday party.

Expert Tip

Want to know what other type of speech you can deliver to engage your audience? Check out this guide on different types of speeches and learn all about them!

Demonstration Speech Ideas Craft

  • How to make scented candles at home. 
  • Creating a scrapbook as a summer task.
  • Making small jewelry items at home.
  • Make ornaments with play dough.
  • Easy ways to decorate easter eggs. 
  • Carve a pumpkin for Halloween. 
  • Sewing a blanket. 
  • Decorate a Christmas tree yourself. 
  • Build a birdhouse as a summer task.
  • Learning the art of gardening. 

Demonstration Speech Ideas Easy

Here are some easy demonstrative speech ideas:

  • Make paper carnations creatively.
  • How to improve public speaking abilities. 
  • Make Ice cream with home ingredients.
  • How to keep your checkbook in balance.
  • How to program your cell phone.
  • Creating a web page easily.
  • How to apply fake nails on toenails.
  • How to make a presentation using PowerPoint. 
  • Riding a skateboard for the first time.
  • How to replace a punctured tire. 

Demonstration Speech Ideas With Food

  • How to select the perfect cake for the wedding.
  • What are some basics of wine tasting?
  • How to perfectly prepare barbecue meat?
  • How to bake a cake on a stove.
  • How to make the perfect kimchi.
  • How to make biscuits without an oven.
  • How to make banana pudding for a birthday party?
  • Decorating the wedding cake according to the whole theme of the function.
  • Where to find the original recipe for making a real Italian pizza. 
  • Different ways to track down macros and count calories for the day. 

Demonstration Speech Ideas Cooking

  • How to make homemade pizza from scratch
  • How to prepare a classic French omelet
  • How to cook the perfect steak
  • How to make fluffy pancakes
  • How to bake a delicious chocolate cake
  • How to prepare a mouthwatering pasta dish
  • How to make homemade ice cream
  • How to cook a healthy stir-fry
  • How to create a tasty smoothie bowl
  • How to make a refreshing fruit salad

Demonstration Speech Ideas Sports

  • How to hold a baseball bat.
  • How to take off a swimsuit.
  • How to choose the best soccer shoes.
  • How to use a yoga mat.
  • How to avoid a bouncer.
  • Difference between soccer and football. 
  • How to hit a strike in baseball.
  • How to double score in tennis.
  • What is a foul in boxing?
  • Important steps for good bowling. 

Unique Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to decorate the backyard on a budget.
  • How to make homemade soap.
  • How to cope in a multicultural environment.
  • How to write a novel like a professional writer.
  • How to dress smartly and on a budget.
  • How to brew beer at home.
  • How to build a shelter for a pet at home.
  • How to understand the basics of statistics
  • How to create a digitally animated character.
  • How to recognize an archaeological scam.

Interesting Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to perform a magic trick
  • Techniques for effective public speaking
  • How to make different types of slime
  • How to interpret non-verbal cues
  • How to create impressive balloon sculptures
  • How to conduct exciting and safe chemical experiments
  • How to build and program a simple robot
  • How to write beautifully using different scripts
  • How to captivate an audience with a compelling narrative
  • How to analyze fingerprints and solve a crime

Technology Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to set up a home network for seamless connectivity
  • Demonstrating the process of building a gaming computer
  • How to create a website from scratch using website builders or coding
  • Setting up and using virtual reality (VR) headsets for immersive experiences
  • Demonstrating the basics of coding and creating a simple program
  • How to edit and enhance photos using photo editing software
  • Setting up and using smart home devices for home automation
  • Demonstrating the process of building and launching a mobile app
  • How to protect personal information and stay safe online
  • Exploring the world of 3D printing and demonstrating a 3D printing project

Public Speaking Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • Techniques to build confidence and reduce nervousness
  • How to use gestures, posture, and facial expressions to enhance your message
  • Techniques for using tone, volume, and pace to engage your audience
  • Strategies for structuring and delivering a compelling argument
  • How to use narratives to engage and connect with your audience
  • Tips for creating visually appealing and informative slides
  • Techniques for thinking on your feet and delivering a coherent speech
  • Using comedic elements to engage and entertain your audience
  • How to effectively use props, charts, and multimedia in your presentation
  • How to use personal anecdotes to make your speech more relatable and memorable

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Process Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to check your blood sugar?
  • How to swing a golf club?
  • How is a wedding cake decorated?
  • How to create a business plan?
  • How to make a snow globe?
  • How to exercise your brain?
  • How to eat oysters?
  • How to create an animated character?
  • How to make the ideal study space?
  • Demonstrate how to pass IQ tests online

Demonstration Speech Ideas About Pets

  • How to groom a dog or cat
  • How to Train a dog to do Tricks
  • How to set up an aquarium for tropical fish
  • How to properly brush a pet's teeth
  • How to create a homemade pet toy or treat
  • How to introduce a new pet to your existing pets
  • How to administer basic first aid to a pet
  • How to teach a bird to talk or mimic sounds
  • How to set up a safe and comfortable outdoor enclosure for a pet rabbit
  • How to clicker train a small mammal, such as a hamster or guinea pig

Demonstrative Speech Ideas about Social Skills

  • How to start and maintain a conversation with someone new
  • How to actively listen and show empathy in a conversation
  • How to give and receive constructive feedback effectively
  • How to navigate conflicts and resolve disagreements peacefully
  • How to introduce yourself confidently in a professional setting
  • How to make a positive first impression during a job interview
  • How to use body language to convey confidence and approachability
  • How to practice good manners and etiquette in various social situations
  • How to deliver a persuasive speech or presentation with confidence
  • How to network and build professional relationships effectively

Creative Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • Hand Lettering Mastery
  • Upcycling Treasures
  • DIY Natural Beauty
  • Creative Cake Decoration
  • Artistic Home Décor
  • Photography Magic Tricks
  • Stunning Nail Art
  • Floral Arrangement Delights
  • Innovative Recycling Ideas
  • Creative Gift Wrapping

Demonstration Speech Topics About Nature

  • How to create a sustainable garden at home
  • Identifying and foraging for edible wild plants
  • Building a birdhouse to attract local bird species
  • Composting: Turning kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil
  • Creating a butterfly-friendly garden with native plants
  • Demonstrating proper tree planting and care techniques
  • Building a small-scale hydroponic system for growing plants indoors
  • Demonstrating the art of nature photography: Capturing the beauty of the natural world
  • DIY nature-inspired crafts using materials found in nature
  • How to set up a backyard wildlife habitat to support local wildlife

Demonstrative Speech Ideas for Students

When it comes to giving a demonstrative speech, students have a unique opportunity to showcase their skills, creativity, and knowledge. 

Whether it's presenting to classmates or in front of a larger audience, a well-executed demonstrative speech can be engaging and informative. 

Here are some exciting demonstrative speech ideas specifically tailored for students:

Demonstration Speech Ideas for Middle School

  • How to prevent injury while riding a bicycle.   
  • How to stop overthinking. 
  • How to learn to speak Italian. 
  • How to become a good actress.
  • How to become a film star. 
  • How to become a successful film scriptwriter. 
  • Learn how to write a business letter. 
  • How to extract honey from the comb. 
  • How to blow glass. 
  • How to keep your emotions under control.

Demonstration Speech Ideas High School

  • The proper way to fold a napkin
  • How to create an iPhone app?
  • How to make a pop-up card?
  • How to change a baby’s diaper?
  • How to plan your diet?
  • How to become a model?
  • How to write a research paper?
  • How to prevent injury?
  • How to start a business?
  • Easy step to learn salsa.

Demonstration Speech Ideas for College Students

  • How to paint on a canvas using the acrylic pouring technique
  • How to find the perfect motivation to complete a project.
  • How to avoid burnout in college.
  • How to find good communication grounds with a strict teacher.
  • Ways to survive the lecture on the subject you hate the most.
  • How to decorate the classroom for better productivity.
  • How to get out of bed in winter.
  • How to become representative of your class.
  • How to prepare for an exam overnight. 
  • How to get the highest grades in college.

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Caleb S. (Literature, Marketing)

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

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