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Know About the Types of Speeches in Public Speaking

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Published on: Apr 8, 2022

Last updated on: Jan 13, 2023

Types of Speeches

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Speech is a powerful way to persuade and compel the audience. It is a golden opportunity for high school, college, and university students to boost confidence and improve public speaking skills.

Further, speeches have the power to touch hearts and change someone’s perspective on a particular topic. That’s why, for a great speech, you need good speech writing and debating skills.

Keep in mind that there are different types of speeches; each type has its purpose. You need to get acquainted with them before preparing the speech. So, start reading this blog and learn about them in detail.

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Types of Speeches According to Purpose

The main purpose of the speech is to educate, entertain, and inform the audience members. When you are asked to deliver a speech, you should know its main goal.

Four different types of speeches according to purpose are:

  • Informative Speech

    An informative speech is a type that educates and provides meaningful information to the audience. Its main purpose is to simplify complex theories into simpler ideas and convey information accurately.

    The main purpose of delivering the informative speech is to:

    • Explain a specific subject.
    • Provide interesting information to the audience.
    • Share ideas and increase understanding of the audience.

    Moreover, an informative speech doesn’t relate to the audience’s emotions but depends on facts, statistics, and studies. Also, do not use any visual aids and demonstrations in your speech.

  • Persuasive Speech

    In a persuasive speech, the debater tries to prove their point of view and persuade the audience to agree with them.

    This type of speech is different from others, and its main purpose is to convince the audience. Some debaters write a great speech but fail to convince the audience that their point of view is right. With this type of speech, you can improve your convincing skills.

    A good example of this type of speech is TEDx Talks, where people spread awareness about an important topic to a large group of people.

  • Entertainment Speech

    It is a common type of speech, and the debater adds humor to communicate with the audience. The main purpose of this speech is to amuse the audience and deliver the message in a good way.

    This type of speech is less formal and commonly delivered at birthday parties, weddings, awards ceremonies, and school competitions.

  • Demonstrative Speech

    The demonstrative speech allows you to demonstrate how something works or how to perform a specific task. In this type of speech, you can use visual aids along with the information provided.

    The main purpose of the demonstrative speech is to:

    • Teach how to complete a specific task
    • Provide information with visual aids

Types of Speeches According to Delivery

Every debater has a different style of debate and tone of voice. A good speech takes time and effort to make it perfect.

With the help of speech, you will easily improve your critical thinking skills and know-how to speak in public with confidence.

Here are different types of speeches according to delivery:

  • Impromptu Speeches

    An impromptu speech does not require planning or preparation. It is a type of speech that you have to give spontaneously in front of the audience, but try to manage well. The bad part about this speech is that you have given little or no time about what you say.

  • Extemporaneous speeches

    Extemporaneous speech is commonly used in education, business, and political affairs. In many college courses, many instructors focus on this type of speech.

    An extemporaneous speech is planned and rehearsed properly. It needs proper time to prepare your speech to deliver with confidence.

  • Manuscript Speeches

    Manuscripts is where the speaker reads every word from a pre-written speech. It is the easiest type of speech and works well where the exact repetition of words is required.

    Remember that reading the manuscript in front of the audience keeps them bored, and they lose interest. Thus, try to involve and make it engaging for them.

  • Memorized Speeches

    The memorized speech is based on where the debater does not use notes. It is common in an office meeting where the speaker delivers their message to the audience.

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Types of Speeches According to Occasion

The speeches that are delivered on occasion are short and to the point. There are different types of speeches that fall in this category, such as:

  • Speeches of Introduction

    It is a type of mini-speech delivered by the ceremony’s host that introduces another speaker. Also, it should be a complete speech with an introduction, body, and conclusion.

    For an introduction, think about an interesting hook that grabs the audience’s attention. In the body of the speech, discuss the speaker’s topic, and in conclusion, welcome the speaker to the platform.

  • Speeches of Presentation

    The speech of presenting is the second type of special occasion speech. A presentation speech is a short speech given to accompany a medal of honor.

    When planning a presentation speech, it's critical to consider how long the speech should be. Once you know the time limit, you can easily prepare a speech.

  • Speeches of Acceptance

    The acceptance speech is the perfect complement to a presenting speech. The person who gives the acceptance speech is awarded a reward or honor.

    A speech of acceptance usually consists of three parts:

    1. Express gratitude to the award or honorees.
    2. Express gratitude to those who assisted you in achieving your goal
    3. Place the medal or honor in context.

    First and foremost, you should express gratitude to those who have bestowed the award to you, as well as those who may have voted for you.

    Second, you should acknowledge people who assisted you in receiving the medal of distinction. Nobody does anything in life on their own. We all have family members, friends, and coworkers who support and assist us in achieving our goals in life, and an acceptance speech is an excellent opportunity to thank them.

    Finally, consider the significance of the award. Explain why the award means so much to you to the individuals listening to your speech. If you are aware that you are nominated for an award, your chances of winning are excellent.

    Prepare an acceptance speech ahead of time to prevent any mistakes. Being thankful, cordial, and short is an excellent rule to remember.

  • Speeches of Dedication

    Dedication speech is the fourth type of special occasion speech. For example, when a new store opens, a plaque is hung on a wall, a new office is finished, and so on, a dedication speech is delivered.

    When drafting a dedication speech, begin by describing your involvement in the dedication. If the dedication is for a new or pre-existing structure, you should explain the significance.

  • Toasts

    A toast is a type of speech used to thank, congratulate, or commemorate someone. Toasts might be given to congratulate someone on a new job or their upcoming wedding. You can also toast someone to express your gratitude for something they've done.

  • Roasts

    A roast is a unique speech in that it is intended to laud and lightly ridicule the person being honored simultaneously. Roasts are usually served at the end of a banquet to commemorate someone's life achievements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of speech styles?

The different types of speech styles are: 

  • Formal style 
  • Frozen style 
  • Casual style 
  • Consultative style 
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Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

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