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Extemporaneous Speech - Examples, and Tips to Help You

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Published on: Apr 14, 2022

Last updated on: Jan 13, 2023

Extemporaneous Speech

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Were you ever in a situation where you had to talk about a topic without any preparation?

It can be intimidating to have so many curious eyes on you all of a sudden. It is called extemporaneous speech. Extemporaneous delivery means delivering a speech “off the cuff”, with no advance preparation.

Do you have to deliver an extemporaneous speech at your school or college? Don’t get cold feet.

Read the tips and examples given in this blog to inspire you. It will give you that extra push and confidence so you do great at impromptu and extemporaneous speeches. This type of speech is carefully prepared and practiced in advance.

Jump on that stage and pick your topic. Once you read the topic, quickly think of where you want to take the speech and a hook statement to get the audience’s attention.

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Extemporaneous Speech Definition

According to your textbook, extemporaneous means “impromptu”. It is a type of speech where you get a topic assigned at the spot and have to deliver it in a clear way.

This type of speech is very spontaneous, yet composed and well-structured. Although it is impromptu, it is still planned and based on research so factual data is shared by the speaker. In an extemporaneous speech, the exact wording is chosen at the moment of delivery.

As this speech is not read or memorized, the speaker usually keeps short sticky notes with them or PowerPoint to assist in delivering the speech. The spontaneous nature of this speech is what makes it a preferred way of delivering a speech.

To give captivating extemporaneous speaking, the speaker should be dressed well, talk in a loud and clear voice, and should be engaged with the audience. The way information is delivered to the audience is also important.

When to Use Extemporaneous Speech?

Extemporaneous speech is not limited to an event. However, it is important to have some background information before you deliver an exceptional speech. It might be that you have to deliver it during an office meeting, inside a classroom, or at a speech contest.

You will get time to prepare and practice the speech but won’t be able to read it from a paper or memorize it. It needs to be in a conversational style with proper research.

How to Make Extemporaneous Speech?

The time assigned to make an extemporaneous speech is very short, an hour or half an hour. There are a few steps that can be followed to write a great extemporaneous speech.

  1. Select a Topic

    The very first step is selecting a topic, a wise choice would include a topic that you are familiar with. It will take you less time to brainstorm ideas and plan your speech. Take a few minutes to brainstorm all the information you have on the subject.

  2. Create an Outline

    Draft a quick outline for your speech. It should have a few lines for your introduction, something that the audience can relate to or will find funny, or with a question that will alert the audience. Here is a sample outline for you to get a better idea.

  3. Begin with the Body Paragraphs

    After the outline, start working on your body paragraphs. Keep in mind that you do not have a lot of time to write and practice your speech so the body paragraph should have a few key points only.

  4. Give Examples to Support Your Stance

    Continue with your main points by giving some examples. Examples help the audience understand your topic better and also make them curious so they might have some questions at the end.

  5. Draft a Brief Conclusion

    Write your conclusion, but make it very short. If your conclusion is too long it will be redundant for the audience.

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Extemporaneous Speech Delivery

“How to deliver an extemporaneous speech?”

This type of speech includes some type of notes or placards to help you move from one point to another. There is a slight difference between an extemporaneous speech and an impromptu speech and it lies in the preparation time.

“What is extemporaneous and impromptu speech?”

While there is no time in an impromptu speech, the speaker does get some time to get themselves prepared for an extemporaneous speech. Speech is delivered with these notes in hand but you can’t read directly from these notes.

You should use the time you get wisely, and also pay attention to the way you deliver your speech, including the flow of your words and the rhythm.

Extemporaneous Speech Advantages and Disadvantages

There are some pros and cons of this type of speech. Read these to understand the concept of extemp speech.


  • It is better than other highly planned speeches because extemp speeches sound more natural, spontaneous and are delivered in a conversational style.
  • The audience is more likely to trust someone delivering an extemp speech as they will be well-read on the topic and talking without reading from a page.
  • There are more chances of interaction with the audience in an extemporaneous speech.
  • The speaker can ask a question in the middle of a speech to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • You can add current stories and examples relevant to your topic in an extemp speech. Moreover, the speaker can also quote another speaker in this speech.


  • If you are scared of public speaking, then extemporaneous speech will be quite intimidating for you.
  • More chances of the speaker getting nervous or stuttering in between and the audience will perceive it as a lack of preparation.
  • If not planned properly, an extemporaneous speech can be too short or too long.
  • The topic can be something new for the speaker and they may get stuck on some vocabulary words.

Extemporaneous Speech Examples

If you are still struggling to understand how to deliver an extemporaneous speech or how to write it time efficiently, check out these examples mentioned below:

Extemporaneous Speech Topics

Some extemporaneous or impromptu speech topics are given below:

  • Why do I love playing volleyball?
  • When will I become a millionaire?
  • Why is Playstation better than Xbox?
  • The best songwriter is -fill a name-
  • Gays don’t have equal rights, is it true?
  • Political instability in my country is due to?
  • Why is facebook’s popularity falling down so quickly?
  • Why are illegal immigrants not given rights?
  • Are internet crime and piracy penalized?
  • Stopping the war in Afghanistan is important

These are just some of the many extemp speech topics that you can choose from. Feel free to mold these topics according to your knowledge.

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Extemporaneous Speech Tips

These tips will be helpful for you to rehearse your extemporaneous speech:

  • The speech outline should make sense to you, therefore, keep it simple.
  • Keep index cards with you as cues, don’t write on full paper.
  • If you are using technology such as PowerPoint, rehearse with it before you deliver the speech.
  • Your speaking style should be conversational and not monotonous or robotic.
  • If you get enough time, record your speech and listen to it once yourself.
  • Rehearse your speech once in front of an audience to get constructive feedback.

These are just some of the tips that will help you deliver a brilliant and compelling extemp speech.

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Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

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