The Honor Code is committed to academic integrity and high standards of workmanship, which we communicate through our Honor Code.

Here at our paper writing service, we hold employees and clients to high standards of quality. Our commitment is nothing less than perfection - so you can be sure that anything less will not be tolerated here!

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Definition of Academic Integrity

Academic integrity refers to the ethical and moral principles that govern the production and presentation of scholarly work. It involves maintaining honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility in the creation, dissemination, and use of knowledge.

Academic integrity requires students to take ownership of their work and acknowledge the contributions of others. This includes avoiding plagiarism, fabrication, falsification, and other forms of dishonesty in the creation and submission of assignments, papers, and other academic work.

Our essay writing service values academic integrity, promotes, and upholds these principles in its practices, and encourages its clients to do the same in their academic pursuits.

Definition of Academic Integrity

The Honor Code of

We at platform do not support cheating in any form. We are committed to upholding academic integrity and honest grades.

Student Impersonation is Strictly Prohibited

We understand the necessity that comes with needing a helping hand with academic work but fraudulently taking on someone else's identity is not acceptable. We at pride ourselves on our commitment to academic integrity. We will not tolerate any form of cheating or plagiarism, which is why we remove guilty writers from the team immediately. Our service believes in providing all services legally and ethically.

How to Use Our Work Ethically

As students, it is key to use our work as a tool to enhance your own skills. The use of our writings should be done in a manner that promotes ethical use and personal improvement, rather than using it for academic dishonesty or cheating. Our work should be referenced appropriately and used as an example for learning purposes only - not as the final product. Doing so allows students to maximize the educational benefit while protecting the integrity of honest work and research.

We Never Support or Tolerate


Cheating at school means getting help with your work from someone who is not allowed to give it, which includes our expert writers and non-approved sources like websites.


Plagiarism is when someone takes your work and submits it as their own without giving you credit.


Impersonation or identity theft is when someone takes on someone else's identity or pretends to be another student.

Service Policy

We don't support anything that would be considered dishonest. Our company values integrity, and we never participate in illegal activity or fraud. We take the involvement of our writers in any illegal activity or actions that violate policy very seriously. If they are found to have done so, we will remove them immediately from our writing team.

A Reminder for Students A Reminder for Businesses A Reminder for Teachers & Schools A Reminder for the Writing Experts

A Reminder for Students

It can be difficult to balance a full course load, studying in college, and maintaining an honor code. But we don't think risking either of these would be a good decision. It could jeopardize your academic career if you violate your institution's policies.

  • does not allow students to use its platform or services for any illegal activities or for the violation of the academic policies of their institution. 
  • You must not give anyone else any academic material provided to you by the writing experts at This includes using it as your own work.

A Reminder for Businesses is a great service for those seeking professional work from knowledgeable field experts. But, it's discouraged to break company policies as termination or legal action may result depending upon how severe the situation gets!

  • Business representatives using the platform should not engage in any illegal activity, including fraud, cheating, or academic dishonesty.
  • Employees of this company must not use the writing services of any other company to engage in any fraudulent activity.

A Reminder for Teachers & Schools

We know that teaching is hard work, and we appreciate your efforts to maintain academic integrity in the classroom. We support you as a professor for trying new ways of sharing knowledge with students. 

If you see or hear about any dishonest behavior, cheating, or violation of academic integrity on our platform, please report it to us. Thank you for your help in keeping our platform honest and respectful.

A Reminder for the Writing Experts

If you are looking to get writing opportunities and become known as a professional writer, can help. We are a writing service that connects you with students, businesses, and academic institutes that are in need of your skills. 

As a writer working with us, you must follow these guidelines:

  • You must obey the academic honesty policies, abide by institutional policies, and do what the company expects from you.
  • Our writing experts should not help with cheating or fraud in any way, as this could lead to serious consequences.

Guarantees Offered

We promise quality work to our clients, which is why we offer the following guarantees

100% plagiarism-free essays and papers written from scratch through authentic sources.

100% money-back guarantee can be claimed if the essays are not delivered within time.

Confidentiality and privacy guarantee - no sharing of information with any third parties without explicit consent.

24/7 customer support is guaranteed for live support. This ensures transparency.

List of Restricted Task Requests at

Here is a list of activities that clients, businesses, and expert writers are not allowed to do on our platform. The complete list may vary depending upon the terms you agree with when signing up for service, but we advise caution.

Clients of

It is important to keep in mind that if you break any of our rules, we may ban your account from using all services on this site. Activities considered as honor code breaches include:

  • Falsification or fabrication of financial reports.
  • Creation of CVs or Resume with fake or false job experience.
  • Writing any kind of official documents.
  • Passing yourself off as someone else or using someone else's identity for any purpose.
  • Pretending that someone else's work is your own.
  • Ghostwriting of research work, including dissertations, theses, and term papers.
  • Fabricating or falsifying data, information, citations, or any other academic material is a policy violation.

Have You Noticed a Breach of the Honor Code?

Please submit a complaint and our team will take care of it as soon as possible! Feedback

Report Honor Code Violation

We provide the best service possible to our customers. If you ever see anything that doesn't seem right, please let us know as soon as possible so we can take action and stop it from happening.

Academic Cheating and Dishonesty

Cheating is wrong and is not allowed on our platform. This includes asking for or providing pre-written or custom-written academic assignments, taking on someone’s identity to take a test or exam, or any other form of cheating.

Privacy and Confidentiality Breach

At, we take data security and privacy seriously. Our team of experts and customer support representatives cannot obtain personal or confidential information from clients, including passwords, credit card details, bank account numbers, etc.

Illegal or Unethical Activities

The expert writers must make sure they are following all the laws and company policies. They cannot do anything illegal or help anyone else do anything illegal.

Hatred or Violence

We strongly oppose any type of content that promotes hatred or violence. Our writing experts will not share any type of content that promotes hatred or violence.


It is important to give credit where it is due and never take credit for someone else's work.


Please let us know if you see any other bad things happening that are not listed here. We want to know about it as soon as possible so we can fix the problem!