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200+ Outstanding History Research Paper Topics With Expert Tips

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Published on: Mar 22, 2023

Last updated on: Jul 21, 2023

History Research Paper Topics

Research papers might be tedious and time-consuming for some high school and university students. However, you might have no trouble writing a successful paper if you choose a good research topic. 

Some professors assign topics and make the topic-selection process easy for students. However, sometimes teachers leave it to students and allow them to choose a topic of their own choice.  

If that’s the case then you’re at the right spot!

Read on to find interesting and catchy history research paper topics. Also, get tips on how to select the best topic for your paper. 

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History Research Paper Topics for College Students

  • How could World War II be prevented?
  • British Colonialism: How did it affect life in several parts of the world?
  • Allied occupation in Japan.
  • The role of religion in everyday life during the middle ages
  • The life and achievements of Alexander of Macedonia
  • The impact of science on sculptures in Ancient Greece
  • Explain the term “popular sovereignty.”
  • How does the Aztec military compare to the Spanish army?
  • Why is Frederick Douglass such an important person in American History?
  • Evidence and significance of symbolism in Ancient Egypt

History Research Paper Topics India

  • What are the European Influences Evident in Indian Culture?
  • Prevention of Cyber Crimes: Legal Strategies in India
  • The establishment of the British East India company
  • What is the impact of Indian art on other cultures?
  • Impacts of the first world war on British policies in India
  • Influence of Hinduism on early Indian art
  • The issues of the partitioning of India in 1947
  • The political activism of Dalits in India
  • India’s nuclear weapons program.
  • Mohandas Gandhi's involvement with Indian independence

History Research Paper Topics Philippines

  • History of the Philippines from different perspectives.
  • Historical analysis of inter-regional migration in the Philippines
  • The Barrio Government System's Foundations
  • The Philippines Communist Party has a long history.
  • Commerce with the Chinese
  • The Aftermath of Magellan's Death
  • The United States colonized the Philippines.
  • The Philippines' Fire Mummies
  • Christian-Muslim relations in the Philippines
  • Under the Maura law of 1893, municipal governments were reorganized.

History Research Paper Topics 1900s

  • What was the role of women in the 1900s?
  • The Russian Revolution lasted for ten days in the 1900s.
  • Describe fast food in the early 1900s.
  • What traditions followed in the 1900s?
  •  The New York subway opens-innovation and science
  • What is the ancient history of the 1900s?
  • What did the western world think of the Middle East in the early 1900s?
  • The most impressive growth happened in the 1900s.
  • Events that caused the beginning of World War I
  • Gender and US literature, 1830–1900

History Research Paper Topics Before 1877

Here are some middle ages research topics to help you select the perfect historical theme.

  • The role of faith in American history before 1877 and after.
  • The U.S. revolution history before 1877
  • The first landing of Christopher Columbus and the new world
  • Why was the Bill of Rights added to the Constitution?
  • In what ways did the Compromise of 1877 affect politics?
  • The role of civil war before 1877
  • Cause and Effect- History before 1877.
  • What effect did the compromise of 1877 have on politics in the North and South?
  • The world history has some relation with 1877
  • The role of labor before 1877

History Research Paper Topics Before 1500

Before 1500 is mostly referred to ancient history. So here are some ancient history research topics for your ease.

  • The early history of Franks.
  • Who were the five “Good Emperors” of Rome?
  • Empire and religion in the Middle East 1200-500 BCE 
  • What was it like to live in London during the 15th century?
  • An overview of the world from prehistory to 1500 CE
  • Early Modern History 1500-1700
  • The cold war history 
  • The American revolution history
  • World civilization 
  • Why do monarchies still exist around the globe?

History Research Paper Topics 20th Century

Here are some amazing 20th century history research paper topics to select from:

  • Scientific advancements in the dark ages
  • Why should America rebuild New Orleans?
  • Apollo 8 and the story of the first-ever voyage to the moon.
  • How did the US become the world’s largest industrial nation?
  • Islamic empire
  • San Francisco before and after the great earthquake and fire
  • Fashion in the 20th century
  • What caused the division in Christian values of the 20th century?
  • Analysis of Eastern Civilization vs. Western Civilizations
  • Ancient Rome and civilian life

History Research Paper Topics for Middle School

  • Is racial discrimination still a part of American society?
  • Fire Mummies of the Philippines
  • Rise of mafia
  • Color psychology in the works of Kazimir Malevich.
  • How did the Apartheid period impact global politics?
  • A comparison between communism and capitalism.
  • Establishment of a new government
  • Why do monarchies still exist around the globe?
  • Mozart’s music: a phenomenal case study.
  • Marriage, divorce, and children in Ancient Rome

Art History Research Paper Topics

  • The depiction of beauty in ancient art
  • Why is photogravure used more than encaustic painting?
  • The costumes of the early Italian Renaissance in 1420-1490.
  • The determining factor behind the main principles of Medieval art
  • The Chiaroscuro and its role in the history of art
  • Biblical motives in the early paintings of Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Where you can locate gifted Russian artists
  • Discuss the history of printmaking
  • Hidden messages in famous works of art
  • Discuss the development and importance of photography in art history. 

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European History Research Paper Topics

  • 19th-century European literacy
  • Medieval economic history
  • Discuss 1984 with respect to the 20th-century history of Europe
  • Did women have any position in the history of Germany?
  • Events leading to World War I
  • Who was Europe’s most influential composer?
  • The role of politics in the spread of Christianity across Europe  
  • How did Venetian history affect present Europe?
  • Nationalism in Europe
  • Gender bias in 18th century Britain.

US History Research Paper Topics

  • Confederate monuments in the United States
  • The aftermath of the Battle of Chattanooga
  • Amelia Earhart: Who was she? What is the truth about her life and death?
  • Discuss the emergence of joint-stock companies. 
  • The beginning of slavery in British America and the Middle Passage.
  • German-American immigration in 1854-1894
  • What important role did the Militia play in the revolution?
  • History of New York City in the 19th century.
  • Slavery in the USA
  • Should Immigration be banned?

Interesting History Research Paper Topics

  • What caused Hitler's rise to power?
  • The significance of the French Revolution in world history
  • Reasons why nationalism is becoming popular worldwide
  • Analysis of the daily lives of medieval Europe’s peasants
  • What were the prominent features of the Roman Empire?
  • Human sacrifices in the world of ancient Maya.
  • The history of Native Americans
  • Discuss the African American soldiers bravery
  • Explain the economic conditions of the world in ancient times?
  • Is a great depression possible today?

African American History Research Paper Topics for College Student

  • The genre of the black popular music
  • The changes in schooling in the 19th century
  • African Americans during the civil war
  • Exploring the low-income black college students life
  • 1968 democratic convention in Chicago
  • The politics of race and class in the age of Obama
  • Women’s suffrage movement
  • Terror trophies of WWI in America.
  • African countries’ reliance on the west and how the west is taking advantage of this.
  • The genre of black popular music

Women's History Research Paper Topics

  • How did women contribute to the labor force in WWI?
  • The fight for equal suffrage and its outcome
  • The role of women in Ancient Rome 
  • Women’s rights during World War II: a brief overview
  • The impact of Elizabeth I on gender roles and feminism.
  • Discuss history from the female perspective
  • Analyze gender roles in the 20th century
  • The representation of women in the media
  • Discuss the role of women in a developing country
  • Rise of feminism in 21st-century America.

World History Research Paper Topics

Check out these famous history topics for your next essay:

  • The significance of the industrial revolution to world history
  • The role of Genghis Khan in the Mongol Empire
  • Exploring maritime trade routes in medieval times.
  • Discuss the silk road and its impact on global trade 
  • Roman colosseum: an iconic symbol of ancient rome
  • Analysis of Islamic caliphates’ conquest in the 7th century
  • Impact of world war II on the global society
  • The rise and fall of Napoleonic France
  • Rise and fall of The Ming Dynasty 
  • The cold war: its influences on world politics. 

Best US History Research Paper Topics

  • Discuss the development and importance of photography in art history. 
  • The civil rights movement and its achievements 
  • The US Constitution: Its evolution and modern role
  • Impact of religion on political decisions in America 
  • Analyze the impact of transatlantic slavery on US economy 
  • The Vietnam war: Was it a justified conflict ?
  • The role of the American Revolution in world history Analyze the military tactics used during World War I
  • Was the Watergate scandal a turning point in US History?
  • Impact of environmental movements in changing political views.  
  •  The significance of Westward Expansion in US History. 

U.S. Civil War Topics

  • Impact of the surrender of Appomattox on the North and South 
  • The role of Abraham Lincoln in the US Civil War
  • Discuss the roles played by women during the civil war
  • Significance of military strategies used in battles
  • Effects of Reconstruction policy on US Economy 
  • The role of African American soldiers in the US Civil War
  • Analysis of the political decisions leading to the US civil war 
  • Impact of technology in the US Civil War 
  • Was secession a justified response and what were its consequences?  
  • Exploring how different states participated in the civil war.

French Revolution Topics

  • Discuss the role of Robespierre in the French Revolution 
  • Was the Reign of Terror justified? 
  • Impact of Philosophers on Revolutionary Ideas 
  • The role of women in the French Revolution  
  • Analysis of Napoleon’s rule and its effects on France 
  • Exploring the socio-economic causes leading to the Revolution 
  • Impact of the French Revolution on global history  
  • Analysis of the importance of trading agreements to France’s economy 
  • The significance of US support for the French Revolution 
  • Was the Declaration of Rights just a political move? 

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History Project Topics 

  • The history of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States
  • The impact of World War II on the global economy
  • The rise and fall of the British Empire
  • The history of apartheid in South Africa
  • The impact of the French Revolution on European politics and society
  • The history of the Cold War
  • The role of women in the American Revolution
  • The impact of the Industrial Revolution on labor and society
  • The history of the American Westward Expansion
  • The legacy of colonialism in Latin America

Great Depression Research Topics

  • The role of the US government in alleviating poverty during the Great Depression 
  • Impact of trade policies on global economies 
  • Discuss Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal 
  • The effects of the economic downturn on women and minorities 
  • Analysis of Hoovervilles and its impact on public opinion  
  • Exploring the role of the media in shaping public opinion during the Great Depression 
  • Discuss the gold standard and its impact on global markets 
  • Examining US foreign policies during the Great Depression 
  • Impact of labor unions on wages and working conditions during the Great Depression 
  • Significance of Jazz music, literature, and art during the era.

World War II Topics

  • Analyzing the roles of military intelligence in Allied victory 
  • Examining the role of women during World War II 
  • The significance of rationing programs to the war effort 
  • Discuss Japanese internment camps and their implications  
  • Exploring how different countries participated in World War II 
  • Analysis of the tactics used in major battles 
  • The role of propaganda in influencing public opinion during the war 
  • Impact of German Blitzkrieg tactics on Allied forces 
  • Significance of technology in World War II 
  • Discuss the impact of Holocaust on European culture.

European and United States History

  • Examining the role of the Medici family in Italian Renaissance
  • Exploring the causes and consequences of the French Revolution
  • Impact of colonialism on African countries
  • Discussing the roles played by European women during WWI and WWII
  • Analyzing how different religions influenced medieval Europe 
  • The significance of the industrial revolution in Europe
  • Exploring how the slave trade affected economies of European countries
  • Discussing the role and impact of NATO on world politics
  • Analyzing US foreign policies during the Cold War 
  • Impact of various civil rights movements on American society.

American Revolution Battles & Key Events

  • The Battle of Bunker Hill 
  • The Siege of Yorktown 
  • Exploring the role of General Washington’s leadership in the Revolution  
  • Discussing the impact of French involvement in the war 
  • Analysis of British naval tactics used during the war 
  • Examining how loyalists participated in the American Revolution 
  • Discussing the significance of the Declaration of Independence 
  • The role of African Americans and Native Americans during the war 
  • Impact of taxes on public opinion prior to the revolution  
  • Exploring Continental Army tactics and strategies used in battles.

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Industrial Revolution Essay Paper Topics

  • The impact of industrialization on working class lives
  • Examining the role of steam power in boosting production
  • Discussing how inventions changed people’s lives during this period
  • Exploring the role of migrant workers in the industrial revolution 
  • Analysis of factories and their effects on society
  • Discussing how industrialization benefited wealthy landowners
  • Examining the role of unions in promoting labor rights
  • Impact of new technologies on transportation and communication
  • Exploring how cities were affected by industrialization 
  • Discussing successes and failures of the industrial revolution.

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Tips for Choosing the Best History Research Paper Topic

The following are the tips for choosing the best history research paper topic that our writers recommend. This will give you an idea of which research topic is considered good.

  • Choose a topic that meets your teacher’s requirements.
  • Pick a topic that is relevant and unique.
  • Do some research and then pick the topic for your research paper.
  • Read different research papers and get ideas from them for your topic.
  • Find history paper topics from reliable sources and study them.
  • Avoid choosing a topic that is too broad and simple.
  • Get help from the paper writing service writers. 
  • Keep the audience’s interest in mind and then choose the topic.

These unique history research topics tips will surely help you select the thought-provoking historical topic. 

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As a Digital Content Strategist, Nova Allison has eight years of experience in writing both technical and scientific content. With a focus on developing online content plans that engage audiences, Nova strives to write pieces that are not only informative but captivating as well.

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