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Interesting Synthesis Essay Topics You Must Consider

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Published on: Dec 15, 2021

Last updated on: Jan 31, 2024

Synthesis Essay Topics

Creative synthesis essay ideas are a great way to think outside the box. Also, at some point, your professor will ask you to write one.

Are you looking for new ideas to do best in your synthesis essay assignment?

The most important thing to do best in your essays is to come up with some creative synthesis essay topics. That’s why in this blog we'll walk you through 50+ ideas for creative synthesis essays topics in specific prompts. Now you're bound to find something that interests you! Let's get into it.

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Good Synthesis Essay Topics

Here is a list of popular synthesis essay topics in groups, which will help to narrow down your broad ideas:

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Synthesis Essay Topics on Technology

  • What are the effects of machine learning on business productivity?
  • Do modern technologies widen the gap between rich and poor?
  • In the last 10 years, how has artificial intelligence changed the workplace?
  • According to the concept of smart cities and modern technology, how will changes in transportation systems affect cities?
  • What role does artificial intelligence play in the problem of overproduction?
  • Do violent video games play a role in escalating real-world violence?
  • How has technology evolved as a result of the advancement of artificial intelligence?
  • What kind of privacy risks do drones pose?
  • What are the drawbacks of cryptocurrency?
  • Is technology promoting a culture of entertainment?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Education

  • Should college athletes be compensated for their efforts?
  • What is the impact of the school-to-prison pipeline (SPP) on the American-African community?
  • What effect does class size have on students' academic performance?
  • Is technology a threat to the traditional classroom?
  • Should students have the ability to direct their own education?
  • Should higher education be provided for free?
  • How do racial biases influence annual college admissions?
  • How do dress codes affect students' academic performance?
  • Should K-12 teachers be allowed to carry firearms on campus?
  • Is the availability of distance education affecting the number of college students on campus?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Global warming

  • What role does air pollution play in global warming?
  • How effective are conservation efforts in preventing the extinction of terrestrial species as a result of global warming?
  • Is it true that the use of fossil fuels contributes to global warming?
  • What impact does global warming have on agriculture?
  • How effective will mitigation efforts be in the face of global warming and renewable energy sources?
  • How can the United States be a leader in addressing the issue of global warming?
  • How does the American way of life contribute to global warming?
  • How does global warming contribute to the extinction of marine species?
  • How is global warming threatening the Monarch Butterfly population?
  • How has climate change affected people's lives over the last 50 years?

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Synthesis Essay Topics on Society

  • How does the modern workplace influence the behavior of minority workers?
  • Is modern US society as supportive of women as it is of men?
  • How should lawmakers and educators handle members of minority groups who do not adhere to mainstream behavioral patterns?
  • Should parents restrict their children's access to violent content?
  • Is today's juvenile justice system fueling the school-to-prison pipeline (SPP)?
  • Is it time to abolish the death penalty in the United States?
  • Is a college education required in today's labor market?
  • Are national security considerations sufficient to warrant the US transition into a surveillance society?
  • Should social media affect society?
  • Should it be declared illegal to manufacture and sell tobacco?
  • How long can the current US healthcare system be sustained?
  • What does the fact that US people seek treatment in other nations says about the healthcare service of the US?
  • Should sugary drinks be made illegal in the United States due to their negative effects on human health?
  • Should alternative medications be covered by insurance?
  • What impact does poverty have on children's health?
  • Can people's everyday routines help them improve their health and avoid visiting the doctor?
  • Should insurance cover cosmetic surgeries?
  • Is testing new drugs on animals ethically permissible?
  • Should all inhabitants of the US be entitled to free medical care?
  • Should marijuana be legalized in the United States?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Literature and Art

  • Is it better to read a paper book or listen to an audiobook?
  • What is the role of art in everyday life?
  • What societal characteristics have the biggest impact on cinematography's evolution?
  • Should electronic libraries serve as a replacement for physical libraries?
  • Is there a distinction between fact and fiction?
  • Is it possible to consider modern graphic video games to be works of art?
  • Is fiction used to promote progress or to divert attention away from social and environmental issues?
  • Is graffiti art?
  • Should TV commercials be considered art?
  • Is there a distinction between fact and fiction?
  • How does musical training affect attentiveness and concentration while learning?

Synthesis Essay Topics on Ethics and Morality

  • Should customers think about a company's long-term viability before purchasing its goods?
  • Should people be worried about the workers' health and working conditions?
  • Does legalization of prostitution affecting the divorce rate?
  • What effect does complaining have on people's happiness levels?
  • Is it moral to breed genetically modified animals?
  • Is there a difference between nature and nurture? Which one is important?
  • Should governments around the world require animal-free circuses?
  • When it comes to success, is talent more important than hard work?
  • Can people become happier by amassing wealth and possessions?
  • Should felons be allowed to vote?
  • How much influence do people have over their own destiny?

How to Choose a Synthesis Essay Topic?

The decision of what topic to choose can be a difficult process for students. Some professors give a choice while others assign it. Then, some let the student have total control over their learning path.

This may sound great at first, but as we all know, when freedom comes, responsibility also comes with it.

The best approach is to stick to one idea rather than spreading yourself too thin trying to learn about every possible subject.

Here are some tips that you should consider while choosing a topic for your synthesis essay:

  • Should Be Interesting Topic

    The most interesting research or debate topics are those that students spend enough time researching and writing about in-depth. This type of essay will be more engaging for the reader, as they show a genuine interest in the topic.

    Students should take some time to consider what type of essay is best suited to their unique strengths.

  • Not Too General or Broad

    As a freshman, it can be difficult to find your niche. One of the hardest aspects is narrowing down what you want to write about for an essay assignment.

    Topics like global warming and drug abuse are too broad and not specific enough for a short piece of writing. However, the more focused the topic is, the less struggle you have to do while writing it.

  • Consider the Debatable Topic

    The author claims that the argumentative synthesis essay topics should be debatable, bringing opposing viewpoints to light. The most compelling essays make people disagree or hesitate among available options.

    Those who agree with what is proposed cannot contribute anything new and therefore have no reason for reading it.

    These types of essays appeal to readers because they are controversial and provoke thought on a subject. It's important for an author who wants their audience to be engaged in what they're reading.

  • Should Be Negotiable

    The world is full of fascinating and complex topics for research. When you are searching, it's important to think about the power that your project could have in its conclusions. The best projects tackle problems with room for improvement or at least point discussion-worthy. It can lead to a more interesting and creative paper because there will be no lack of material.

    If you're looking for a topic for your synthesis essay, be sure it's not only intriguing but also feasible to investigate. Don’t investigate things that have already been established as apparent instead, seek potential and negotiable choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you introduce a synthesis essay?

Below are some steps that help you in writing the synthesis essay introduction. 

  • First, introduce the subject. 
  • Make it interesting so it can catch the reader’s attention. 
  • Give some background information. 
  • Set the tone to define your target audience. 

How many paragraphs is a synthesis essay?

A synthesis essay is a five-to-six paragraph paper. In rare situations, the main body may have additional paragraphs.

How to end a synthesis essay?

Here are some steps that will help you to end the synthesis essay. 

  • Don't summarize; instead, synthesize. 
  • Include a concise summary of the major ideas of the paper. 
  • Avoid what was in your article. Instead, demonstrate to your reader how you stated the idea. 
  • As well as the evidence and examples you utilized. 
  • In the end, bring it all together. 
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Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

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