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Interesting and Great Debate Topics (2024)

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Published on: Jan 13, 2022

Last updated on: Jan 31, 2024

debate topics

Choosing the best topic for your debate can be daunting. A person, even a professional essay writer, can never come up with a perfect topic instantly that is arguable and defendable. 

If you have relatable content but do not have an engaging topic, you will lose your audience’s interest. So, choose a topic that is right and appropriate. 

Are you looking for expert help to assist you in choosing the debate topic? Are you finding it difficult to create debate topics or find stuff to debate about? 

Then read this blog to get some interesting debate topics and choose the best topic according to your requirements. 

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Debate Topics for Kids

These are some great debate topics for grade 4 and 5:

  • Is it possible for computers to replace teachers?
  • Significance of exploring the space
  • How are zoos more harmful than good for animals?
  • Olympics and its importance for the athletes
  • Should parents be punished for the mistakes that their children make?
  • Significance of saving money
  • Should children be given space or privacy?
  • Are social networking sites addictive?
  • Do aliens really exist?
  • Should every student play a musical instrument in school?

Debate Topics for Middle School Students

Here are some good discussion topics for the students of middle school.

  • Every person should have a pet.
  • The impact of peer pressure is greater on self-conscious students
  • All schools should ban homework.
  • School uniforms should be banned in every school.
  • Soda and fizzy drinks should be banned in college cafes.
  • PE should be made mandatory for every student in high school.
  • All middle school students should take part in community service programs.
  • Schools should not allow corporal punishments.
  • Censorship is important on the internet in school.
  • Junk food should be banned by the government in schools.

Debate Topics for Grade 6 

  • Allowing chewing gum in class
  • Physical books versus e-books
  • Longer recess periods in schools
  • Wearing hats or caps in school
  • Studying alone versus in groups
  • Eating snacks during class
  • Having a class pet or not
  • Choosing seats in the classroom
  • Listening to music during class
  • Shorter versus longer school days

High School Debate Topics

High school debate topics are a bit more complex than the topics of middle school. Here's a list of debate topics that is suitable for every high school student:

  • Human cloning should be banned.
  • Animal testing should be strictly banned.
  • Violent video games should be banned by the government.
  • There should be a limit on freedom of speech.
  • The death penalty should be abolished.
  • Animal abuse in the circus should be banned.
  • Underage girls should be allowed to abort their unplanned children.
  • Progressive tax rates are not justified.
  • Marijuana should be considered a social offense and a crime.
  • YouTube should be blocked on the school premises.

Debate Topics for College Students

As a college student, you could be looking for social topics for discussion or just some technical things to discuss. Here’s a list of topics that will help you pick an appropriate topic:

  • What would you rather choose: rich and dishonest or poor and honest?
  • There are no plausible reasons for the war on terror.
  • How are alternative sources of energy effective?
  • Books are more entertaining and informative than TV.
  • Public schooling is more effective than homeschooling.
  • Abortion is ethically legal but not morally.
  • The increase in the rate of unemployment is due to advancements in technology.
  • Same-sex marriages should be banned and should not be legalized anywhere.
  • Adoption is better than bearing kids.
  • Prostitution is the crime and the only reason behind the increased rate of HIV/AIDs.

Debate Topics For Teens

  • Homework should be banned.
  • Is there any reason to raise minimum wages?
  • Students should not be allowed to use Facebook.
  • Social media does more harm than good.
  • Why is it so hard for women to become president?
  • There should be children and teenagers in government.
  • Should cigarettes be banned from society?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Are cell phones safe?
  • What’s the best pizza topping?

Debate Topics For Adults

  • Internet service should be legally given to the citizens by the government of the US.
  • The democratic government is the best form of government.
  • There should be heavy fines on people who do not recycle.
  • Poetry should be made part of the curriculum for every student.
  • The grading criteria of the schools should be amended.
  • Celebrities do not make good role models.
  • The increased crime rate in the country is due to an increased rate of immigrants.
  • Sex education should be made part of the curriculum.
  • The criminal justice system of the United States is ineffective.
  • Propaganda is the tool used by politicians to manipulate the masses.

Controversial Debate Topics

Controversial topics make the best debates. The following are some controversial debate topics for you:

  • Selling alcohol on weekends should be banned.
  • Unlicensed pharmacists should be allowed to prescribe medicines.
  • The government should ban animal testing.
  • Public speaking is the only way to boost a child’s communication skills.
  • Students should not be allowed to play violent video games.
  • Lack of trust in relationships results in jealousy.
  • A man should raise a child equally as a woman does.
  • It is important to punish parents for the misdeed of their kids.
  • Traditional health care is better than herbal medication.
  • Pros and cons of mercy killing.

Good Debate Topics About Education

Educational topics always work. If you cannot find any topic for your debate, choose from the below-mentioned list.

  • To get a good job it is important to have a degree.
  • The skill-based study is better than scientific study.
  • Sports should be made mandatory in every school and college.
  • Science and the arts are equally important subjects.
  • Homework gives undue pressure to students.
  • No religion should be taught in school.
  • Boarding schools are important for students who are not sharp and intelligent.
  • For better learning of students, outdoor learning is important.
  • Mobile phones should be confiscated from all students in the school.
  • History is an important subject to study in school.

Political Debate Topics

  • Every person should own a gun to protect himself.
  • Britain should not be a part of the European Union.
  • Communism is a better ideology than socialism.
  • In a democratic government, there should be a limit on freedom of speech.
  • International relations are affected by patriotism.
  • Politics should be taught in schools.
  • Citizens who do not vote should be fined.
  • Monarchy should be abolished in Britain.
  • Illegal immigrants should be punished as criminals.
  • The voting age should be lowered to 16.

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Social Debate Topics 

  • Drinking age: lower or raise?
  • Homeschooling versus traditional schooling
  • Free healthcare for all citizens?
  • Minimum wage: increase or decrease?
  • Gun control: necessary or not?
  • Limits on political campaign donations?
  • Censorship of music and movies
  • Legalizing recreational marijuana
  • Affirmative action in college admissions?
  • Is it ethical to have a wealth tax?

Funny Debate Topics

Keep reading to discover funny debate topics for adults in 2023.

  • American Idol is better than X-Factor.
  • Dogs are better pets than cats.
  • The chicken came first and then eggs.
  • Thin crust pizza is better than a thick crust.
  • Winters are better than summer.
  • Harry Potter is better than Lord of the Rings.
  • It is easy to understand a woman.
  • If a vampire bites a person who has AIDs, will he get it too?
  • Can we party after death?
  • Females are a better gender.

Interesting Debate Topics

It is important to choose a debate topic that is interesting and engaging. The following are some really interesting topics:

  • Standardized testing is not an effective method to determine a student’s intelligence.
  • The nuclear powers of the world are responsible for wars.
  • What does it mean to “bear arms”?
  • Homosexual relationships are against nature.
  • Children are depending on technology way too much.
  • Parents should restrict the use of the internet at home.
  • Money is the only source of motivation in practical life.
  • Censorship on educational documentaries is important.
  • All non-biodegradable should be banned.
  • Who selects the electoral college?

Sport Debate Topics

  • Is paintball a real sport?
  • Should advertising be allowed in sports?
  • Should steroids be legalized and monetized?
  • Who's the best team ever?
  • The Olympics are a waste of money.
  • Should women be allowed to compete against men?
  • Is there growth in boxing?
  • The history of using math in baseball
  • Men coaches shouldn’t work with women athletes.
  • Is winning everything?

Social Media Debate Topics

  • Social media is the reason behind every bad thing in society.
  • The media has been replaced by social media.
  • The impact of social media on youth
  • Has social media killed our privacy?
  • Social media promotes violence in society
  • Pros and cons of using social media.
  • Should Facebook add a “dislike” button?
  • Is social media helpful?
  • Social media and its usage
  • Ban on social media sites

Technology Debate Topics

  • All cars should be electric.
  • Does technology make people lazy?
  • Developing alternative forms of energy
  • Is space travel worth the cost?
  • Do you like Apple products?
  • What is the best gaming system?
  • How to deal with increasing cybercrime?
  • What is the future of the internet?
  • Are mobile games so bad for kids?
  • Technology and its usage in daily life

Creative Debate Topics

  • Junk food should not be available at the cafeterias
  • Cooking classes should be made compulsory in schools
  • All children should be allowed to keep a cell phone
  • Playing video games is good for kids
  • The grading system of the schools should be abolished.
  • Parents should attend parenting classes.
  • Co-education schools are better for education.
  • The government can restrict freedom of speech if needed.
  • Democracy is the best policy for every government.
  • Students should learn to recycle things.

Science Debate Topics

  • Should we be genetically engineering humans?
  • Is there life on other planets?
  • Are self-driving cars safe?
  • How can science do without animal testing?
  • Robots should have rights.
  • Evolution, a theory or a fact?
  • Are vaccines risky or safe for children?
  • Science and Islam
  • The new discovery of science
  • Science and human life

English Debate Topics

  • Reading classic literature in schools
  • Relevance of Shakespeare in today's society
  • Teaching cursive handwriting in schools
  • Allowing electronic devices in classrooms
  • English as the official language of the United States
  • Foreign language classes in schools
  • Grammar versus communication skills in education
  • Creative writing versus technical writing in education
  • American Sign Language as a second language in schools
  • Diverse authors and perspectives in literature education.

Environmental Debate Topics

  • Live animal exports should be banned
  • Use of bidet instead of tissue papers.
  • Is organic farming better than conventional farming?
  • The use of natural gas in vehicles
  • Climate change is the greatest threat in human history.
  • Fossil fuels vs. nuclear energy
  • Environmental pollution
  • Describe tidal energy
  • Environment and its impact
  • Acid rain

Silly Debate Topics For Friends

  • McDonald's is the best fast food restaurant.
  • Children must get a longer holiday.s
  • Is the grading system used in high school effective?
  • Obesity should be labeled a disease.
  • Coursework is better than exams.
  • Afternoon classes are better than the early morning classes.
  • The psychological climate of the classroom has a lot to do with a student's personality development.
  • People with higher incomes should be fined more.
  • Children under ten should not be allowed to use gadgets.
  • Abusive parents have children with personality issues.

General Debate Topics

  • Private schooling is better than public schooling.
  • Different languages should be taught in school.
  • Studying maths is more important than studying the language.
  • STD testing should be offered for free in all educational institutions.
  • The government should provide security to all college education systems.
  • Political and economic instability is the result of refugees in a country.
  • Illegal immigrants should be given the right to vote.
  • All sanctions should be lifted on Iran by the West.
  • It is important to have friendly relationships with neighboring countries.
  • Big corporations should pay more taxes.

Unique Debate Topics 

  • Space exploration versus ocean exploration
  • More sustainability courses in schools
  • Ethics of animal testing
  • Limiting maximum income
  • Ethics of human cloning
  • Legalizing psychedelic drugs for medicine
  • Genetic engineering of human embryos
  • Censorship of the internet
  • Prioritizing climate change over economic growth
  • Selling organs for transplant.

Relationship Debate Topics

  • Are online relationships real?
  • What’s your opinion on experimenting in a relationship?
  • Should gay marriage be legalized?
  • Is there someone you would die for?
  • Is marriage necessary?
  • Is online dating advantageous?
  • Arranged marriage or love marriage?
  • Women marrying younger men
  • Would you consider remarriage if your spouse died?
  • Jealousy and love: is it justified?

Tips for Choosing a Good Debate Topic 

Here are some tips for choosing a good debate topic:

  • Choose a topic that you and your audience are interested in and passionate about.
  • Pick a topic that has multiple viewpoints and arguments that can be made for both sides.
  • Consider choosing a topic that is relevant to current events or issues in your community or country.
  • Choose a topic that is not too broad or too narrow. Rather focused enough to be thoroughly debated within a set time frame.
  • Make sure the topic is appropriate for the age group and audience of the debate.
  • Pick a topic that is challenging but not too controversial or offensive.
  • Consider the resources and information available to support your argument.
  • Finally, make sure the debate topic is clear and easy to understand for all participants and the audience.

The topics provided above are some really good choices for your debate.

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Caleb S. (Literature, Marketing)

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

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