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Informative Speech Topics To Engage and Delight Your Audience

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Published on: May 26, 2022

Last updated on: Jan 29, 2024

good informative speech topics

Speech writing is often made part of your academics to analyze your capability to deliver the message and persuade the audience.

However, giving speeches can be really nerve-wracking, especially if you're not sure what to talk about. 

Speaking in front of a group doesn't have to be intimidating anymore!

With the right topic, you can deliver any type of speech that will leave your audience impressed.

Check out this blog for informative speech topics that will help you write an impressive speech. These topics are interesting and relevant, so you'll be sure to engage your audience from start to finish.

So what are you waiting for? Dive right in below!

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Best Informative Speech Topics For Students 

No matter what field you have to draft your speech for, the list provided below will surely help you. Read on and find the right topic for yourself!

Great Informative Speech Topics For High School Students

  • How was high school the best time of your life?
  • Pros and cons of homeschooling
  • It is possible to survive happily in high school
  • Discrimination in education institutions
  • It is pointless to wear a uniform in schools
  • Benefits of physical activities in a student’s life
  • Girls are more attentive in taking lectures in school
  • Is it possible to prevent cyberbullying from school?
  • Should students be punished for bunking classes in school?
  • Effective ways to study for exams in school

Easy Informative Speech Topics For College Students

  • Learning the English language is essential to be successful
  • How to eradicate poverty from the world?
  • Do all politicians exploit the use of power?
  • Are men a victim of domestic violence as well?
  • How the meaning of different words changed over time?
  • The real picture of foster care in the United States
  • Is practical knowledge more important than theoretical knowledge?
  • Is it important to improve your communication skills to survive in college?
  • How to decide your major for college?
  • Do the education systems prepare students for real life?

Informative Speech Topics For University Students

  • Exploring Different Cultures Through Food
  • How to budget your money in university
  • How is coronavirus affecting our society?
  • Advice on budgeting for post-college life
  • Phobias in young children or adults
  • The importance of Assistanceship during PhD
  • Sports are more than physical fitness.
  • The benefits of living on campus 
  • The importance of networking for entrepreneurship
  • Does money control minds?

Creative Informative Speech Topics 2024

  • Impact of Covid - 19 on Employment 
  • What are the types of speeches? 
  • The definition of peace for isolated Vs. modern societies
  • Pros and cons of global warming
  • Are solar cars environmentally friendly? 
  • How to pick the best informative speech idea?
  • How do you choose an essay topic for an informational essay? 
  • How does the demand for goods influence the price 
  • Evolution of digital media
  • Does your handwriting reflect your personality? 

Informative Speech Topics About Science

  • Evolution of the human race
  • The contribution of Einstein in the field of science
  • Some remarkable findings in astrophysics
  • Similarities between reptiles and mammals
  • Understanding the differences between crocodiles and alligators
  • Facts you should know about your brain
  • Importance of colonization of Mars
  • The process of DNA analysis
  • The risks and benefits of genetic engineering 
  • The scientific importance of protecting the rainforest

Informative Speech Topics About Education

  • American education system VS the European education system
  • Challenges faced while teaching digital literacy skills
  • Why should parents be involved in their boy’s and girls’ education?
  • Do energy drinks influence the study patterns of the students
  • How to choose the topic for an entertaining, informative speech or essay?
  • How important is teaching humanity in elementary schools
  • Significance of physical activities in a student’s life
  • Learning disabilities in students
  • How to prepare an informative presentation?
  • Importance of student-instructor relationship in learning

Informative Speech Topics Sports

  • Harmful effects of consuming steroids on an athlete’s health
  • Why is cheerleading not a sport?
  • Impact of playing violent video games on mental health?
  • Importance of sports in a student’s life
  • Brutality in fighting sports
  • What is sportsmanship?
  • History of basketball
  • History of cricket
  • Gender discrimination in sports
  • Drug abuse in major league sports

Informative Speech Topics Medical

  • Poor eating habits and depression
  • How is fast food a major cause of obesity in America?
  • Are processed foods really good for health?
  • Importance of mental health of a child
  • What is a balanced diet?
  • Cons of using refined sugars in our daily lives
  • Pros and cons of medical marijuana
  • Nutritional impact of a keto diet on a human body
  • Importance of exercise for healthy living
  • Is social media promoting a healthy body image?

Informative Speech Topics About Law

  • The fundamentals of international law 
  • Understanding the concept of human rights 
  • Exploring the history and evolution of criminal justice systems 
  • Establishing a legal framework for the protection of data 
  • Comparing different legal systems around the world 
  • The consequences of cybercrime and how to combat it. 
  • Understanding the role of anti-trust law in business 
  • Exploring the impact of judicial activism on society. 
  • The history of copyright law and its implications today. 
  • The role of the legal system in protecting vulnerable populations.

Informative Speech Topics About Animals

  • Cons of animal testing
  • Significance of animal rights protection
  • Can exotic animals be good pets?
  • How can depression be treated through the emotional support of animals?
  • Why do certain animals become extinct?
  • Which animals make the best pets?
  • The historical importance of cats
  • Testing beauty products on animals
  • Discourage animal abuse in the circus
  • Is it moral to keep animals in cages?

Informative Speech Topics About Literature

  • The contribution of Shakespeare’s work in the modern language
  • The portrayal of supernatural beings in classical literature
  • Ernest Hemingway’s concept of masculinity
  • Modern films and the portrayal of classic literature
  • Impact of technology on literature
  • The difference in the works of literature of the 19th and 20th centuries
  • A rhetorical analysis of the speech “ I Have A Dream”
  • The portrayal of death in Romeo and Juliet
  • Women portrayal in Macbeth
  • The use of imagery in the Shakespearean sonnets

Informative Speech Topics About Music

  • The history of music throughout the world 
  • The impact of classical music on society 
  • Exploring the influence of lyrics in pop culture 
  • How technology has changed the way we create and listen to music  
  • The role of music in enhancing mental wellbeing 
  • Popular trends in contemporary music. 
  • The Impact of Musical Training on Cognitive Development 
  • The Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument
  • Music and brain development in children 
  • The connection between music and math 

Funny Informative Speech Topics

  • Facts about skinny jeans
  • How to be nice to people you hate?
  • How to cheat in an online exam?
  • How to look attentive in class?
  • How to pretend you are busy at work?
  • Do pets plot murders?
  • Things you can learn from your pets
  • Easy hacks to become a photographer
  • Why do rich people dress up like homeless drug addicts?
  • How to offend your elder siblings?

Controversial Informative Speech Topics

  • Death penalties should be legalized in all countries of the world
  • Is mercy killing ethical?
  • Should religious studies be made part of your academic syllabus?
  • Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?
  • Assisted suicides should be legalized for terminally ill patients
  • Corruption in police forces
  • Is the music industry mafia?
  • Should health insurance companies be accessing their client’s genetic information?
  • Should HIV tests be easily available in drug stores?
  • Should women give up on their careers after having kids?

Mental Health Informative Speech Topics

  • How to manage mental illness?
  • Effects of traumatic experiences
  • The impact of sport on mental health
  • Different types of mental disorders
  • Role of diet in mental health illnesses.
  • Social media and its impact on mental health
  • Mental illnesses
  • Power of sports and physical fitness for mental health
  • The importance of mental stability in teenage health
  • What are the benefits of mindfulness

Psychology Informative Speech Topics

  • Aspects of human imagination
  • Social control and cults
  • Change doesn’t equal progress.
  • Conflicts between parents and children
  • How do you develop sensitivity?
  • Why are some things harder to turn into a habit?
  • How to deal with depression?
  • The benefits of greeting people.
  • Why are some people simply incapable of lying?
  • Optimism is good for health.

Geography Informative Speech Topics

  • The geography of food security 
  • The role of demographics in economic development  
  • Exploring urban sprawl and its implications  
  • Understanding the geography of poverty 
  • The role of migration in population growth 
  • Natural resource management and conservation. 
  • Exploring the concept of landscape sustainability 
  • The importance of geographic information systems (GIS) in research
  • Exploring the geography of biodiversity conservation 
  • The role of geographic features in political conflicts.

Informative Speech Topics About the Environment

  • Ban mining in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Rain forests need to be protected.
  • Is water a renewable resource?
  • Do endangered species need protection?
  • How to conserve water?
  • The role of renewable energy in environmental protection
  • The consequences of overfishing
  • Avoid using plastic bags.
  • Is biodiversity really at risk?
  • Promote earth-friendly cars through tax benefits.

Informative Speech Topics About Technology and Science

  • The birth of our planet
  • Are humans still evolving?
  • The best new technologies.
  • Alternative sources of energy
  • Defining a computer virus
  • The latest astronomical technology.
  • The supersonic trains and jets
  • Life is highly dependent on technological advancement
  • What are the benefits of 3D printing?
  • Cloud computing and storage

Informative Speech Topics on Economy

  • The impact of the global economic crisis
  • What is the role of artificial intelligence in finance?
  • Understanding financial markets and derivatives
  • The role of energy in economic growth
  • Innovation in fintech and its effect on business
  • Micro-economic factors influencing consumption patterns.
  • The rise of cryptocurrency and its implications
  • The effects of free trade agreements.
  • The different types of economic systems
  • The effects of tax policies on economic growth.

Informative Speech Topics About Ethics

  • The importance of ethical decision-making 
  • Understanding the relationship between morality and religion 
  • The role of ethics in international relations 
  • Examining the ethical implications of consumerism. 
  • The morality of artificial intelligence and robotics  
  • Exploring the idea of moral relativism 
  • The concept of ethical relativism and its implications 
  • Understanding the impact of corporate ethics on society. 
  • The importance of ethical leadership in business. 
  • Innovative approaches to resolving ethical dilemmas. 

Informative Speech Topics About Travel

  • The history of transportation and its impact on society 
  • Exploring the development of global tourism 
  • The importance of cultural sensitivity when traveling 
  • Understanding the concept of ecotourism.  
  • Unearthing the benefits of long-term travel  
  • Appreciating different types of accommodation options for travelers. 
  • Exploring sustainable practices in hospitality industries worldwide 
  • The role of technology in modern day transportation and logistics. 
  • Navigating international travel regulations and visas.
  • Exploring the connection between food, culture and travel.

Informative Speech Topics on Business

  • Poor leadership will bankrupt a business.
  • How to find a cool business idea?
  • The benefits of multi-level marketing.
  • Marketing as an investment and not an option.
  • The importance of effective communication in business 
  • Why is a CEO important to earn money?
  • Ethical considerations in the corporate world
  • Leadership strategies for workplace success 
  • Why do some businesses fail?
  • Why should businesses pay their taxes?

Entertaining Informative Speech Topics

  • My worst hair dye experience
  • I want to marry Cameron Diaz.
  • Are you ready for children?
  • Why do we enjoy gardening?
  • It is possible to change your fate.
  • Reading fiction is a waste of time.
  • Why have clowns become scary lately?
  • What is the most entertaining occupation?
  • Can you learn from your pets?
  • Ten unique cultures around the world

Persuasive and Cultural Informative Speech Topics

  • Traditional Japanese dress beyond the kimono
  • The influence of culture on international relations
  • Ways different cultures celebrate valentine’s day
  • We are lost our cultural identity.
  • Explore modern protest culture
  • Exploring Cultural Diversity Through Music
  • Funny cultural traditions among nations
  • Should priests be allowed to get married?
  • Benefits of healthy eating
  • TV shows influence human behavior 

History Informative Speech Topics

  • The history of vampires in literature.
  • Women's roles in the Industrial Revolution  
  • Common themes in Gothic literature
  • The history of jazz music in New Orleans
  • The significance of the Magna Carta
  • Religion and politics in medieval Europe
  • The legacy of the Golden Age
  • Imperialism throughout history
  • The history of bees and their role in the world
  • Approaches to conflict resolution through history

Short Informative Speech Topics

  • Successful women in sports
  • How to manage communicative disorders?
  • Why do dolphins love humans?
  • How to make pizza at home?
  • Future of artificial intelligence.
  • The role of women in politics.
  • The truth about turning 30.
  • How to change your car’s oil?
  • The benefits of organic agriculture
  • Best father in the animal kingdom

Informative Speech Topics on Family

  • Family traditions are important.
  • How to pick a name for your children?
  • How to control a bullying child?
  • Why do I love my family?
  • Impact of divorce on children
  • Family helps in strengthening the love and loyalty towards each other.
  • Happy families are healthy families
  • Importance of family in one’s life
  • Improve family communication
  • How to deal with family gossip

Informative Speech Topics on Society

  • Volunteering in your community.
  • What life would be without technology?
  • “Viral” culture in today’s society
  • How to build a career at 25? 
  • How do charter schools get their funding?
  • Are sports a waste of a team?
  • Religion is a force for evil.
  • Impact of technology on our health
  • The role of electronic devices in modern life
  • Public speaking skills are important to learn

Politics Informative Speech Topics

  • How political lobbying works 
  • The role of civil society in government decision making  
  • Understanding the concept of democracy 
  • Exploring the relationship between power and politics 
  • The importance of voting in elections 
  • Political ideologies and their relevance to society 
  • Exploring the effects of populism on politics. 
  • The role of the media in political campaigns
  • How to combat corruption on a global scale.
  • The role of international organizations in global politics

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Choosing an Informative Speech Topic: The Essentials 

Picking the right and interesting topic for your speech is important. An interesting topic will allow you to gather strong information and impress the audience. 

People often do not think about a topic and choose the first idea that pops into their minds. The major disadvantage of doing this is that a topic needs to fulfill a few requirements. It will not happen if the selection process is spontaneous. 

If you are not assigned a topic for your speech, follow the steps and pick the best speech topic. 

1.Reflect Your Interest - You can best reflect knowledge on something you are really interested in or is your passion. Think of ideas that best define your interest. This will make the research and gathering information process exciting for you and provide good content. 

A speech requires a speaker to have a good command of the topic. So if you choose to talk about your interest, you can easily provide personal opinions.

Moreover, you will have a good knowledge of it and can persuade the audience better. 

2. Identify Your Audience or Listener - Knowing the type of your audience can be helpful in selecting the right speech topic. Not all topics are for a general audience. Identify who your audience is and what they are expecting from your address. 

Come up with a topic that is interesting for you as well as for the targeted audience. Moreover, your words’ selection and tone should complement the topic and the people’s intellectual level. 

3. Follow the Guidelines Provided - Reading and understanding the guidelines are important. If the instructions require a certain length of your speech, you have to choose the topic accordingly.

Some topics require extensive research and greater details to be shared in the content. Avoid selecting open-ended and broad topics if you are required to write a short speech.
Having the above points in mind, you will be able to find a good informative speech topic that fits your requirements! 

Still not sure how to select a persuasive informative speech topic? Watch this video.

Writing an informative speech requires extraordinary interpersonal skills. For verbal communication, a speech requires a certain tone and vocabulary in order to make the message effective. Students who lack these skills find it challenging to draft strong and effective content for their speeches. 

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Caleb S. (Literature, Marketing)

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

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