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Top Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

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Published on: Feb 24, 2020

Last updated on: Jan 3, 2023

compare and contrast essay topics

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Essay writing is an inevitable part of academic life. Students are assigned to write many types of essays on so many different topics.

Essays like compare and contrast allow you to express your thoughts regarding some contradictory issues. You have to draw a parallel between two people or objects instead of describing a single one.

This allows the teachers to assess your critical thinking and research skills. You need to have a strong hold on grammar and sentence structure for a compare and contrast essay.

Do you want topics for compare and contrast essay that are guaranteed to get you an A-grade?

Move on with this blog to read some compelling topics for your next essay.

What is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

compare and contrast essay is actually a multi-paragraph essay. It is written to explain different aspects in which two or more subjects differ or match. While writing this type of essay, the word ‘compare’ refers to the similarities, and ‘contrast’ means differences.

Basically, the comparison tells what they have in common. When a writer contrasts two things, they explain ways in which they are different.

A great compare and contrast essay can cover almost any topic and may pop up in a variety of subject areas. However, to decide what to include in the essay, a writer needs to keep one thing in mind: ‘relevance’.

The factor of relevance helps in determining which characteristics are worth comparing and contrasting.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

In a compare and contrast essay outline, a thesis statement is as important as any other essay type. That means a writer needs to write a very strong thesis statement to support the essay.

The thesis statement is a part of the introduction. The body paragraphs follow the introductory paragraphs. At the end, there is a conclusion in which the writer has to reiterate the main points without any redundancy.

In these paragraphs, you need to discuss the major points one by one. It also provide evidence to support your point of view. Finally, write a formal conclusion at the end.

How to Choose a Compare and Contrast Essay Topic?

For many students, it is really hard to do academic writing assignments, same is the case with Compare and Contrast essays.

It is challenging for students to come up with contrast essay ideas and a compelling topic. Here is what you need to do before choosing a topic:

  • You can write a well-structured essay if you manage to find an interesting topic with enough information available.
  • Make sure that you choose a compare and contrast topic that is unique yet researchable.
  • Choose your topic idea according to your target audience. An essay falls in the category of high-quality academic paper only when it targets the right audience.

In this blog, we have managed to bring a list of topics on which you can write a very interesting essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Students

Below is a list of topics that will help you to pick the right idea for your essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for University Students

  • Sciences or Arts: which has more worth in the job market?
  • Difference between Essays and research papers.
  • Benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling
  • Free college education.
  • The relevance of college degrees.
  • Importance of education.
  • Exams; a true reflection of a student’s ability.
  • Boarding schools vs. day schools.
  • Hostels vs. renting.
  • World War I and II.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Sports or diets.
  • Audiobooks or paper books.
  • Fashion today and two decades before.
  • Silver vs. gold.
  • Chocolate vs. marmalade candies.
  • Autumn season vs. spring season.
  • Love vs. friendship.
  • Smart cars vs. sports bikes.
  • Instagram vs. printed photographs.
  • Messaging vs. real communication.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

  • European History and US history.
  • Paleolithic and Neolithic periods.
  • Two public people.
  • The economic development of America and China.
  • Two personalities that contributed to the history of England.
  • Watching horror films on TV vs. on the large cinema screen.
  • New branded clothes vs. second-hand clothes.
  • Diets vs. drugs for weight loss.
  • Two works of Oscar Wilde.
  • Romeo and Juliet vs. Macbeth of Shakespeare.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  • Celebrating Christmas in Europe and the US
  • Role models for adults & teenagers;
  • Long-distance trips by car or train;
  • Whether novels or poems are more fun to read;
  • Benefits of traditional learning and remote education.
  • Paintings of Alberto Morocco & Pablo Picasso;
  • Settings, major themes, & plot details of two poems by Robert Frost;
  • Statues of David by Michelangelo & Bernini;
  • Music of Baroque & Renaissance;
  • Greek & Roman architecture.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for 6th Grade

  • Active vs. passive rest.
  • Playing inside vs. outside.
  • Is your character similar to your parents’?
  • Doctor vs. teacher.
  • Swimming vs. flying.
  • Tennis vs. badminton.
  • Rugby vs boxing
  • American soccer vs. basketball.
  • Ballet vs. breakdance.
  • Two plays of Shakespeare.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Elementary School

  • Tomatoes: are they fruits or vegetables?
  • Spring and autumn
  • Aliens: real or not?
  • Circus vs. cinema
  • Skiing vs. swimming
  • New Year vs. Christmas celebration.
  • Summer season vs. winter season.
  • Apple vs. pear.
  • Emotional Support Animal vs. Service Animal
  • Short hair vs. Long hair.

Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Apple and Samsung
  • Coffee and performance-enhancing drugs
  • Morse code and Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony
  • The moonwalk and Gangnam style
  • Soccer and American football
  • McDonald’s and Taco Bell
  • Exercising and dieting
  • Xbox and PlayStation
  • Being single and being in a relationship
  • Growing a tree and raising a child

Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Bacteria or viruses
  • Functions of accountants in modern times & in the past;
  • Core differences in the policies of a few modern presidents;
  • High school & college experiences;
  • Japanese or American cars;
  • Whether you prefer spending your time in 5-star hotels or in the wild.
  • Being an only child and having siblings
  • Friends and family
  • Volleyball and basketball
  • Spring and fall

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Movies

  • Rock music vs. jazz music.
  • Dumbledore and Gandalf.
  • Fiction or nonfiction?
  • Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter.
  • Frodo Baggins or Sam.
  • Loki and Thor.
  • The Vampire Slayer, Buffy, or Charmed.
  • Soviet Union movies vs. American cinematography.
  • Movies or books: why many people choose reading.
  • Thrillers and horror movies: what do they have in common?

Psychology Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • What different methods are used in trait theory and contrast theory?
  • Is hallucination and illusive dreaming similar
  • Is problem-solving ability the same as intelligence
  • What are the similar patterns of anxiety and depression
  • Why do people have social anxiety and fear of speaking in public?
  • How does child abuse affect the parent-child relationship?
  • Is free-range parenting better than helicopter parenting?
  • Does Schizophrenia induce borderline personality disorder?
  • Ego vs. superego.
  • The influence of parents versus the influence of peers
  • Is psychology a social science or social study?

Sports Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Tennis vs. badminton.
  • Hockey vs. golf
  • American soccer vs. basketball.
  • Real Madrid Vs. Barcelona.
  • Football Vs. Basketball.
  • Walking Vs. Eating Outside with Your Partner.
  • Jamaica Team Vs. United States Team.
  • Formula One Vs. Off-Road Racing.
  • Germany Team Vs. Brazil Team.
  • Morning Exercise Vs. Evening Exercise.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics Related to Medical

  • To vaccinate or not-look at both sides and present them both accurately.
  • Wheat and Corn grain.
  • 3-D Imaging vs. traditional body limb replacements.
  • To stent or not to stent-why and how.
  • To have universal health care or not.
  • Right to Die and Right to Live.
  • Options of treatment for any disease or condition-simply look at the pros and cons of each side.
  • Medical history and privacy concerns.
  • Religions that are against traditional medical procedures.
  • Compare two different roles in the field.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Management and Marketing

  • Democratic vs. autocratic management styles & their effects during a crisis.
  • Tactical or strategic management.
  • Management by exception or by the objective.
  • Leadership or management.
  • Compare administration vs. management.
  • Evaluate marketing techniques in two companies.
  • Sales or marketing techniques.
  • Differences & similarities between two marketing research companies.
  • Discuss two marketing automation vendors.

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Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • The popularity of Pepsi and Coke.
  • Communism vs. capitalism.
  • Working in a huge corporation or startup.
  • KFC vs. McDonald's.
  • Differences between Baroque and Renaissance.
  • Burgers vs. vegetarian meals.
  • The convenience of laptops and tablets.
  • Effects of printed ads and TV commercials.
  • Outdoor activities or video games.
  • American and Australian English.

Writing a compare and contrast essay requires detailed research. It is time-consuming and needs really good writing skills. Students already have a lot of assignments to cope up with.

In this situation, the best option is to go for a professional to write a high-quality college essay. There are so many online writing services that can provide you with highly skilled writers.

At, we have an extensive team of professionals who are all set to help you with your essay writing assignments. So get in touch with us and place your order now to get the best research paper topics in no time.

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For more than five years now, Cathy has been one of our most hardworking authors on the platform. With a Masters degree in mass communication, she knows the ins and outs of professional writing. Clients often leave her glowing reviews for being an amazing writer who takes her work very seriously.

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