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Top Exemplification Essay Topics Recommended by Experts

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Published on: Dec 27, 2021

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exemplification essay topics

Finding engaging and impactful essay topics can be challenging, leaving writers feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

But fear not! We have the solution to this problem.

Our extensive list of 150+ exemplification essay topics provides a wide range of options, catering to various interests and ensuring captivating content.

So, let's dive into these topics and unleash your creativity. Get ready to captivate your readers and make a lasting impression with your writing.

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Personal Exemplification Essay Topics

  • The Importance of Setting Goals and Achieving Them
  • Overcoming Adversity: How I Faced and Overcame a Major Challenge in My Life
  • The Power of Self-Discipline: How I Developed and Maintained a Productive Routine
  • The Impact of a Mentor: How a Personal Mentor Transformed My Life
  • Embracing Diversity: My Experience of Building Relationships Across Different Cultures
  • The Value of Volunteering: How Giving Back to the Community Has Enriched My Life
  • Developing Effective Communication Skills: How I Improved My Interpersonal Relationships
  • Finding Balance: Juggling Multiple Responsibilities and Prioritizing Self-Care
  • Pursuing Passion: The Journey of Turning a Hobby into a Fulfilling Career
  • Learning from Failure: How I Turned Setbacks into Opportunities for Growth

Easy Exemplification Essay Topics for Students

Here are some good exemplification topics lists for school and college students. It will surely help them to write an exemplification essay of their own.

Exemplification Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Does the working environment have an effect on employees' work performance?
  • Is it religious organizations that are to blame for humanity's moral decline?
  • Is it possible for socialism to function in the twenty-first century?
  • Is it appropriate to defend the thesis statement in body paragraphs?
  • Which historical figure has the most significant period?
  • Is it possible to have a successful career without a college education?
  • Is gender discrimination a major issue in various institutions?
  • Is it necessary to include spices in a baby's diet?
  • Can election forecasts influence public voting behavior?
  • Is fast food endangering people's health?

Exemplification Essay Topics for College Students

  • How can technological advancements cause cultures to vanish?
  • Is it true that maturity and self-awareness come with age?
  • The Consequences of Fast Food on Society
  • Is classical music a dying art?
  • Do politicians value their voters?
  • How are transgender people discriminated against at work?
  • Are civilized societies the reason for higher education?
  • What is the significance of mathematics in college?
  • How have cell phones harmed people's social lives?
  • How is individual learning superior to group learning?

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Illustration Exemplification Essay Topics

  • How do you stay in touch with your family while studying abroad?
  • Lessons from the Vietnam War
  • How to keep your room clean?
  • Why should you value your money and time?
  • How are forensic tests performed?
  • What is the best way to use self-defense?
  • Why not have a debate with the customers?
  • How can you irritate your roommate?
  • How is an autopsy performed?
  • Characteristics of the best cafe for hanging out with friends

Famous Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Why do we idolize beautiful people?
  • Why should franchise films be banned?
  • Explain the reasons why Kardashians are famous?
  • What is the main problem with the fashion industry?
  • Why is media body image such a negative influence on young people?
  • How has Ellen Degeneres managed to keep her likeability?
  • Why is Coldplay one of the greatest bands of the last two decades?
  • Reasons why female celebrities are still paid less than their male counterparts.
  • Why are some celebrities doomed to die young?
  • Why is the modeling industry required to lose weight?

Social Exemplification Essay Topics

  • Is success the same as happiness?
  • How does polygamy affect personal relationships?
  • Was social inequality a driving force behind the revolution?
  • How does frequent moving and shifting affect children?
  • Is it true that literate parents raise motivated children?
  • What effect does prostitution have on social norms?
  • Is it necessary to physically punish children to instill knowledge in them?
  • Do parents distinguish between their children?
  • Why should children under the age of 18 be prohibited from using social networking sites?
  • What role does social media play in the spread of false information?

Exemplification Essay Topics Related to Literature

  • What is the role of symbolism in poetry?
  • In Romeo and Juliet, how is fate portrayed?
  • How are gender roles depicted in nineteenth-century novels?
  • Define the symbolism in Gieve Patel's poem 'On Killing A Tree.'
  • What was Shakespeare's Tragedy Plays' impact on the English language?
  • What makes poetry a special genre?
  • Horror stories from the nineteenth century versus the twenty-first century?
  • How are Shakespearean poems different from others?
  • How does the author show the character’s motivation?
  • Do you think English literature is still an important course in universities?

Funny Exemplification Essay Topics

Here are some fun exemplification essay topics for you!

  • Is it true that people get genuine happiness from their partners?
  • Why are people afraid of spiders?
  • Is the internet beneficial?
  • Can plants also be predators?
  • Why are dolphins such fascinating animals?
  • Do animals comprehend human language?
  • How are seashells made?
  • Is it safe to eat white snow?
  • Are tigers the most ferocious cats?
  • How useful is it to learn Algorithms?

Exemplification Essay Topics About Technology

  • What kinds of security risks does the Internet of Things encourage?
  • What are the flaws of open-source operating systems such as Android?
  • How technology has a negative impact on teenagers?
  • How can technology improve the fashion industry?
  • What are the economic benefits of using agricultural drones?
  • What are the negative impacts of digital technology on a personal level?
  • What price does our society pay for the benefits of the Internet?
  • What are the advantages of applying computer technology in medicine and healthcare?
  • Why is car hacking one of the most common crimes in the digital age?
  • What are the potential consequences of document digitization?

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Exemplification Essay Topics About Media

  • How is violence in movies affecting children today?
  • Is it true that live theatre performances are more inspiring than movies?
  • Is there sexism in superhero films?
  • What is the role of social media in the spread of fake news?
  • Do you think the rise of mass media encourages cultural diversity?
  • Are child celebrities deprived of their childhood?
  • Discuss the impact of modern feminists on film portrayals of historical female characters
  • Do weak media laws allow politicians to engage in unethical behavior?
  • Is content becoming more popular as a result of click baits on YouTube and Instagram?
  • Is reality TV stars' lives a staged production?

Exemplification Essay Topics About Business and Economy

  • What effect does a leader have on the productivity of employees?
  • What are the effects of working from home on worker performance?
  • How does Amazon affect E-commerce?
  • Is free trade harmful to small businesses?
  • How do payday loans affect the economy?
  • The impact of the Soviet Union's demise on the global economy
  • Should new businesses be given interest-free loans?
  • The significance of online payment systems in international trade
  • Is there a positive impact of social media on local businesses?
  • How will granting free loans benefit new businesses?

Exemplification Essay Topics About Health and Wellness

  • Can getting out of one's comfort zone help to alleviate social anxiety?
  • Explain how artificial food coloring is harmful to your health?
  • What factors contribute to psychological distress?
  • How powerful is peer pressure in the context of drug addiction?
  • Why should people be encouraged to donate their organs?
  • How do fast foods contribute to childhood obesity?
  • Can emotional support animals help to relieve depression symptoms?
  • How do plastic water bottles harm one's health?
  • How is celebrity culture related to eating disorders?
  • Should sugar be strictly forbidden to children under a certain age?

How to Choose an Exemplification Essay Topic?

The topic of your essay can make or break it. Making the right choice will allow you to write with confidence and expertise, so choose wisely.

Here are some important tips you should consider while choosing a topic for an exemplification essay.

  1. Choosing your topic forces you to think creatively. It helps you come up with exciting and fresh ideas that will present in the best possible way.
  2. There are a lot of ways to be creative. One way is by considering topics that interest you and create a list of relevant ones.
  3. To find a topic to write about, you must research. Researching ensures there are enough sources and information for your paper so the work will be credible.
  4. When selecting a topic, keep your interests in mind, but keep it strictly relevant to exemplification.
  5. Create a mind map for each topic. It is a way of organizing thoughts, ideas, and information in an interesting manner that’s easy to comprehend. It is possible to accomplish this by surfing and browsing the internet.
  6. Choosing an exemplification essay topic related to your field is the safest bet.

Following these steps will allow you to select the best exemplification essay topic ideas. Also, now you have an exemplification essay topics list that will surely help you find the perfect topic for your essay.

In conclusion, our extensive list of 150+ exemplification essay topics enables can help you get all the inspiration you need for your next essay.

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Get started today!

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Caleb S. (Literature, Marketing)

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

Caleb S. has extensive experience in writing and holds a Masters from Oxford University. He takes great satisfaction in helping students exceed their academic goals. Caleb always puts the needs of his clients first and is dedicated to providing quality service.

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